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The digital transformation of companies in the connected era requires a new form of leader, one who’s connected to the skills and behaviors that amplify new mobile technologies and the internet.

Who is Rodolfo Salazar?

Hi! I'm Rodolfo Salazar, an international executive with over twenty years of experience working for global technology and telecommunications companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Telefonica and Stream Global Services, holding sales and marketing positions in complex market environments.

CEO and president of iDigital Studios, an agency that provides creative and comprehensive technology solutions for digital needs that connect brands with hispanic consumers in the United States, as well as founder and president of QUDOX the disruptive agency for the new era, one of the leading agencies in Digital Transformation and Marketing in Central America, and CEO of IdeaWorks, the first 100% digital agency in El Salvador.

I am a member of the board of directors of the Entrepreneurs Organization of El Salvador (EO), Forbes Agency, AmCham, Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce (TLACC), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador (Camarasal) and Salvadoran Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CasaTic).




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Expertise and methodology, the key for your success!

This challenge begins with a change of mindset of within the core of any organization. Digital transformation becomes a way of life, a way of doing things, a way of building competitive adventages with new technologies and the internet. Let me accompany you in the process and together let's develop your brand succesfully.


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I can take your business to another level!

My experience in Digital Marketing and sales has made me an expert in identifying opportunities for businesses to exploit their full potential and reach new audiences through digital tools. I am also a believer that relationships are important and key to grow, that's why I have multiple partnerships with institutions with which we seek to provide more development opportunities for our clients.

My teams are here for you.

iDigital Studios

A studio that offers the best creative technology solutions to connect with consumers through different business areas: Development & UX/UI Design, Social Media & Graphic Design, Media Buying & Planning, and Consulting & Research.


The new age agency that is changing Marketing and Advertising, focused on results that transcend in Central America.


The first 100% digital agency that seeks to make our clients happy, not only with a creative idea or an innovative service, but with a truly disruptive work methodology.

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Alejandro Navarro Segovia

"I had the pleasure of working under Rodolfo at IdeaWorks and under his direction we successfully faced important challenges and digital transformation projects at the Central American level. For the time I worked with him I can vouch for the experience and knowledge of the digital environment that he treasures, his leadership skills, the empowerment and commitment he creates in his teams, his great business vision and his human quality. Personally, I am very grateful for the trust he placed in me and for all the professional growth that working with him has meant for me. For all these reasons I recommend Rodolfo for the expert and the great professional he is."

Alejandro Navarro Segovia

Digital Transformation Strategist, University Professor, Trainer and Speaker.

Ana Canizález

"I had the opportunity to work with Rodolfo Salazar and his team, when in the Ministry of Economy we hired his services to elaborate the digital strategy of the institution and develop the Minister's personal brand. With this work we started the digital transformation and migration processes that positioned the institution as a pioneer in the country. In Rodolfo, as well as in his team, we found a professional dedicated to empower his clients in a dynamic and effective way, demonstrating a high value of knowledge in the field of digital transformation and new technologies. We were very satisfied with his management and leadership, so I highly recommend him for all services related to doing business and finding competitive advantages with internet and new technologies in the connected era and especially digital transformation of work teams and organizations."

Ana Canizález

Chief Troublemaker at The Human App, Concectar y Comunicar. Former Director of Communications and Public Relations, Ministry of Economy of El Salvador.

Bobbi Dangerfield

"Rodolfo is a seasoned marketing and communications strategist who is able to operationalize vision and strategy and drive tangible business results through communications and branding initiatives. He is able to communicate business strategy to all levels of the organization with a clear view towards what it means to each person in the organization."

Bobbi Dangerfield

Senior Vice President, Global Business Operations at Dell Technologies.

Luis Roberto Canelo Maza

"We have worked in the past with IdeaWorks and also very close with Rodolfo, he has shown to be not only a great professional but also a great human being. His support and broad knowledge in the areas like Marketing, Business Processes and Strategy have been key to the success of the project we developed for a customer in the past, but also have been very important to our company's progress and defining our internationalization strategy."

Luis Roberto Canelo Maza

Founder and CEO at Donimo Soft, Entrepreneur, Project Manager and future Psychologist.

Samples of my work

"The best way to know the future is to create it"

-Rodolfo Salazar-

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New Business

Experience has shown me that new realities open the way to new opportunities. I am convinced that you and your company can take advantage of them and successfully transform what you do today to face these new realities and accelerate your growth in this connected era. 

New Technologies

I have found that digital strategies fail due to the inexperience of leading in uncertain situations within the context of new and changing technologies. Together we can develop the strategies you need. 

Digital Marketing

It is time to proactively use new technologies to create and implement robust strategies that complement and help individuals, organizations and companies achieve their professional and business goals

Crisis Prevention and Management

Do you know the scenario your brand is in? Let’s analyze it together to prepare the contents of the digital properties that you must manage if you face a crisis on the web. 

Institutional Communication

Millions of people get up every day to communicate without any fear, through the web, what they think. Social media has become an ideal place for employees and managers to say “I communicate and give my opinion openly online”. Let’s work together on the kind of communication that your company needs in these channels. 

Strategic Story

Did you know that you should use the same conversational tone across your different digital channels? Let’s create together the strategic story that will define the messaging framework and conversational tone towards your stakeholders