What are the challenges for an entrepreneur in the new digital connected era?

Entrepreneurship has never been an easy task and although with the passage of time there have been more facilities, obstacles have also increased, and it is necessary to learn what are the challenges for an entrepreneur in the new digital connected era.
It should not be taken for granted that everyone knows what an entrepreneur is and EmprendePyme “calls an entrepreneur a person who identifies an opportunity and organizes the necessary resources to implement it. It is common to use this term to designate a person who creates a company or finds a business opportunity, or someone who starts a project on their own initiative”.
According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report in 2014-2015, El Salvador is the second Latin American and Caribbean country with the lowest percentage of entrepreneurs, since only 9.9% of the economically active adult population has its entrepreneurship.
Another very revealing fact is that, out of every 100 entrepreneurships in El Salvador, only 10 succeed.
The challenges of the entrepreneur
Rodolfo Salazar, CEO and president of IdeaWorks International highlighted in the Digital Entrepreneurship conference that the attitude of the entrepreneur in the connected era must be that of an artist.
That is to say that he must perform several tests without feeling defeated in order to really find his masterpiece.
The dark side of the entrepreneur goes through the roller coaster of emotions that causes starting a new challenge that can generate an uncertain future, from making the decision to start with a project, the start-up, the obstacles that arise along the way on the march, which even makes you doubt your real capabilities.
To get rid of the fear of failure is one of the main challenges of the entrepreneur, to make his idea succeed in an increasingly demanding and complex world.
Taking advantage of the knowledge that is now available to everyone is an opportunity for companies to create disruptive ideas.


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